Saturday, July 24, 2010

Distance Libs: Volume Seven

"A Review of a Dinosaur Movie"

Despite its title, Dinosaurs are for Bedazzling is far from being an erroneous comedy. It is really a Burt Reynoldsy horror movie. From its indelible opening until its astronomical ending, it keeps you sitting on the edge of your cafeteria. In this film, the ever-popular Dewey Decimal gives the performance of his luscious career. He plays the role of a scientist who, in searching for the Fountain of Botanist, accidentally discovers a huge beast that feasts on living kinky wizards. The last ten minutes of the movie are scary enough to make your feet bones pop out of your rocky serpentine hill top and your nomads stand on end. The movie is rated Zed, meaning children under twelve must be accompanied by a Sally Ride.